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Holding Hands
Young woman with long, dark straight hair sits in a window looking longingly outside.

We know that a person is more than a diagnosis.

This simple value is at the heart of all we do. When a person struggling with mental health and/or substance use disorders comes through our doors, we recognize their desire to get help, and we meet them, wherever they are, on their recovery journey.

A therapist wearing a white jacket sits talking with a patient that has short brown hair and looks concerned.

Empathy and Experience. A Powerful Combination for Good. 

Many of our therapeutic team members have been with us since our founding in 2005. We provide services for individuals and their families, equipping the people we serve with the tools they need to be successful during treatment and throughout a lifetime lived in recovery. 

We treat each person the way we would want a member of our own families to be treated - with empathy, compassion and dedication to finding the combination of mental health and substance use services individualized for the whole person.

Three people, two women and one man with glasses, look over an iPad.

Billing and Fees Designed with You in Mind

No patient is ever denied service at CTI based on a patient’s inability to pay. 

Our services are provided and billed based on a sliding scale that considers income level, family size and need. Thanks to our state and federal contracts, some patients are eligible to receive services at no charge. We also accept all major insurance plans. It is important for you to know that if you can pay for service, you are expected to do so. To learn more, contact our billing coordinator at 918-384-0002.

A young mom with long, dark straight black hair holds her infant child, a smiling girl wearing a red outfit.

Anti-Discrimination Statement

We will not discriminate against any person receiving health services because of their inability to pay for services, or because payment for the health services will be made under part A or B of Title XVIII (“Medicare”) or Title XIX (“Medicaid”) of the Social Security act. We will accept assignment under the Social Security Act for all services for which payment may be made under part B of Title XVIII (“Medicare”) of the act. We have an agreement with the State agency which administers the State plan for medical assistance under Title XIX (“Medicaid”) of the Social Security act to provide services to persons entitled to medical assistance under the plan.

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