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What services does CTI provide? 

CTI provides mental health, behavioral health and substance use treatment services to people of all ages and from all walks of life. We offer group and individual counseling, and a full array of services designed to help individuals recover. At CTI, those seeking recovery find a supportive team, ready to help build a comprehensive treatment plan customized for the whole person and their family. 


Do you offer service for Spanish speakers? What about other languages? 

Yes! We have translators and bilingual providers on site to assist Spanish, Portuguese and Korean-speaking patients and their families. We can also access translation services for people who speak other languages. Our services are biliterate. 


How long will it take to get an appointment/see a provider? 

Initial services can be provided immediately on a walk-in basis and a full clinical assessment and medical evaluations are usually completed within 3 days. Once established as a participant, regular appointments are scheduled. The frequency and time frame for services will be determined based on the level of need. Call us at (918) 384-0002 to take your first steps toward recovery.



How do I make an appointment? 

To access services or learn more, please call (918) 384-0002. One of our team members will ask you some questions, including your name, date of birth, referring agency (if any) payor source, current concerns, or any symptoms you are experiencing. 

Who is eligible for services at CTI? 

We serve people of all ages who are struggling with mental health, addiction and/or behavioral health issues. Any person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian at the time of the initial appointment.


How much do services cost? 

Many of our services are free of charge to consumers who meet eligibility requirements. CTI works with the Department of Mental Health, which provides services to consumers through our office at no charge. CTI is also a provider for Medicaid, Soonercare and Tile IXX. Please notify us if you have health insurance with behavioral health benefits. CTI also accepts private pay, cash for services based on a sliding scale. No one is ever turned away from CTI based on inability to pay. 

Who can access services at CTI and who might need a referral to another agency?

Consumers must meet the following criteria for admission: (can access services)

  • Currently experiencing mild, moderate to severe functional impairment; and

  • With therapeutic services, functional improvement is possible; and

  • Be able to actively participate in and derive a reasonable benefit from treatment as evidenced by sufficient adaptive and cognitive abilities, communication skills, and short-term memory.

  • Consumers must be DSM-IV diagnosable

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